After searching far and wide for a Drum & Bass blog that offers easily digestible lists instead of long boring texts I decided to-

-naah, scratch that. The truth is that this blog is the result of a bad pun taken too far.

The idea is to make (weekly) posts in a list-format about Drum & Bass. Most will be written by me, some will hopefully be written by (as far as you know) other people.
There will be puns, shits, and giggles.

I’m not affiliated with any label, artist or promoter. I do this for fun and out of love for Drum and Bass, not for money. The links on the sidebar are for things I like and/or care about, and I did not get any money or anything of value in return. That being said, if you want to contact me with propositions, I’ll happily check them out, just use the contact form to get in touch.