Top Tunes of May 2018


In random order, these are our top 9 original songs (and for the first time, an entire album) from May 2018.

Objectiv – Dilapidate (Lifestyle Music)

Buy/Stream Here


Koherent – UGH! (Dispatch recordings)

Buy/Stream Here


Klax – Phased Out (Critical Music)

Buy/Stream Here


Levela – Exhale (Get Hype Records)

Buy / Stream Here


Stoner & Dottor Poison – Planet War (Nëu)

Buy / Stream Here


Murdock – Hypnotize (V Recordings)

Buy / Stream Here


Bladerunner – The Crazy Dragon (Hi Resolution)

Buy / Stream Here


Agressor Bunx & L33 – Slammer (Eatbrain)

Buy / Stream Here


OneMind – Pullup (Metalheadz)

Buy / Stream Here


An extra-special Top-Tunes-Of-the-Month first: An entire album.

Since we love homegrown Belgian music so much, we love people that love it as much as we do. The Belgian Connection is the new standard of who’s who in the Belgian Drum and Bass Scene.

Lifestyle Music Presents: The Belgian Connection

Buy / Stream Here





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