Top Tunes Of April 2018

These are the 11 toppest of tunes from April 2018.

In random order, these are our top 11 original songs from April 2018.

Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Dubplate (Technique recordings)

Buy/Stream Here


Mefjus – The Sirens (Vision)

Buy/Stream Here


Unglued – Chicken in a Space Suit (Hospital)

Buy/Stream Here


Synergy – Signals (Eatbrain)

Buy/Stream Here


Mister Shifter – Dreada (Flexout)

Buy/Stream Here


QZB – Nobunaga (Critical)

Buy/Stream Here


Satl – Everything Anything (Integral)

Buy/Stream Here


Murdock & Doctrine vs James Marvel & MC Mota – The Riddler (Rampage)

Buy/Stream Here


Marcus Intalex † – Roller 170 (Sun & Bass)

Buy/Stream Here

Total Science – Fallen Angel (C.I.A.)

Buy/Stream Here


Cedex & Higher Underground – Cancan (Free D/L on Soundcloud)

Get For Free Here




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