Top Tunes of February 2018

These are our favourite tracks from February 2018, featering gems from T>I, Bredren, Specialist Sound, Benny L, Phase, and more!

In random order, these are our favourite original tracks that’ve come out in the past 28 days.


Benny L & Shimon – Sharks (Audioporn)

Buy / Stream Here


Specialist Sound – Back in 96 (Beta Recordings)

Buy Here


Wresker & Kilobite – Capslock (Abducted Records)

Buy Here


Was a Be & Synth Ethics – Resolute (Critical)

Buy / Stream Here


Phase & Zero T – The Inbetween (Metalheadz)

Buy / Stream Here


Modified Motion & Faction – Run It (Prototype Recordings)

Buy Here


T>I – Rotations (Critical)

Buy Here


Bredren -Solid Surface (Dispatch)

Buy / Stream Here


Mohican Sun – Don’t Wait (Integral Records)

Buy Here




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