5 Reasons Lou Bega’s Mambo No. 5 should be in every DnB-set.

As if it would’ve need even one.


1. It’s instantly recognisable.

Trust me on this one, from the moment Lou Bega starts counting from 1 to 5 the crowd is instantly singing along. If the MC is somewhat skilled, he’ll even change the girls names into the DJ-roster of that night for you. Pro-Tip: Don’t forget to pull the volume down when the “Mambo Number 5” hits!

2. It’s in 174 BPM.

Yes, you read that right, It’s already at the same speed of every other song you have with you, and it’s easy mixable because of it starting with a kickdrum from the get-go. No need for pitching it 2 octaves higher then it should be.

3. It comes with pre-tested dance moves.

Let me quote some lyrics to you:

Jump up and down and move it all around
Shake your head to the sound
Put your hands on the ground
Take one step left and one step right
One to the front and one to the side
Clap your hands once and clap your hands twice
And if it looks like this then you’re doing it right

Imagine being a shy 20-something guy, not knowing how to dance. Then imagine someone telling you in 7 easy steps how to move your body to the music you love. That’s right, Mambo No. 5 helps kids come out of their shells.

4. It is shrouded in mystery.

“Where are the Mambo’s No.1 through 4?” will be the new “ID PLEASE?”. Also kids that didn’t grew up in the late 1990’s won’t know the song (that includes everybody turning 18 this year, look it up), yet recognise it as being an instant classic. The seasoned veteran raver will recognise it, will sing it along full blast, thus gaining instant respect from the younger generation, and with doing so, close the generational gap between the two.

5. Trumpet!

Name 5 DnB songs that feature trumpets. I didn’t think so. We are desperately in need of songs that take this majestic instrument back to the foreground. Yes, you could say Sigma’s Paint it Black, Logistics’ BlackoutMisanthrop’s “The Lick”,or even Pendulum’s Propane Nightmares all feature the trumpet fairly profoundly, yet they all lack “A little bit of Monica in their lives”.

Check out this mix I made a year ago, around the 11-minute mark, and be persuaded.

Disclaimer: I am not Lou Bega.

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